with #2under2, the days are long but the nights are longer. beautiful moments of discovery are tempered with tantrums -- mostly from the kids. 

this is our journey.


As a new mom, Chelsea found the first months of her daughter’s life spent in a blur of constant laundry. During one of those milky days, she found herself staring at a boring monkey pattern and realized her daughter didn't even know what a monkey was, yet here she was wearing it.  This sprung Chelsea into action, as the daughter and granddaughter of silkscreen printers, creative design is in her blood and she decided to create her own line of children’s textiles, fondly named Milky Trenches.

Each of the prints tells a story, from swaddle blankets to onesies, none of the work is automated or made anonymously in a factory.  Chelsea wraps her own daughter in the swaddles so takes the responsibility of their quality very seriously. Everything in the Milky Trenches collection is hand printed, which means a lot of love is poured into each one.